The Autobiography and Preface of Ford Trucks

Truck manufacturing is one of the most historian moments of the automotive industries. The company was founded in 1903 by the automotive giant Henry Ford. He was the most technical person with mesmerizing and amazing functionality and planning. The company has produced larger varieties of automotive vehicles till now in the form of trucks, cars, SUVs, Vans and light trucks. The motto of the company is to have the qualitative vehicles and the satisfactory users.

The company has achieved many milestones in the industries and has ruled the trucks for sale business in America and other parts of the world. The company is still said as the richest family owned business venture of the world with the position of within top five truck manufacturing and the seventh rank holder in the Fortune 500 list. Ford is still one of the most prominent and convincing fighter against the competitors like Chevy trucks and GMC trucks.

The Initial stage

The initial stage of the company was exclusively amazing. The Model T was the most sold vehicles in the initial stages of the company. The price of this model was so cheap that almost all the Americans knew the driving of these vehicles. The amazing and unbelievable fact about this model was that the prices of these vehicles were reducing every year without compromising with the qualities of the vehicles. The history of this T model was repeated in 1990′s when the Ford Taurus was considered as the highest selling individual model of the world. This trucking model gained huge popularity in the truck lovers and the company gained massive gain with the help of this model.

With the truck and car manufacturing, some of the brands that were created under the roof of the company like Lincoln, Mazda, Mercury and Volvo. These names were then departed and some of them were started recognizing as the separate and most respectful brands as well. Henry Ford Trucks taught the lessons of management and cheaper production to the world which was appreciated and followed even by the competitions and rivals of those days. Ford started production of truck models quite earlier but started ruling the world with the help of F series which changed the dimension of the company and also the entire industries. This F series is hauling the record of being the longest and largest selling channel of Pickup trucks with Light Duty, Medium Duty and Heavy Duty trucks and trailers.

The company has also started the credit movement for the automotive industries and has now become the pride owner of Universal Credit Corporation. The corporation has become major source of auto finance operation and has developed the greatest credit scoring systems which are used quite extensively for calculating the finance on the cars, trucks and houses.

The slogan, “Built Ford Tough” is not only described but also is lived by the company. They have followed what they have promised in their slogan. Ford is not only a truck or automotive company and is a family where the auto lovers are making massive courage to get the finest and fabulous result of Unity and Time management. Ford trucks are quite popular in the truck operators and transporters. These vehicles have made the trucking business more deliberate and dynamic with massive features and functions.

So, the company that employs more than 300,000 people is truly the toughest and richest entity of the world. This is the fascinating and informative preface and autobiography of Ford trucks. Have the best Ford truck models and get attached to Fordism.

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